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Google Analytics

Hotjar with Google Analytics

Hotjar’s Google Analytics integration works both ways. Send Hotjar user IDs to Google Analytics and filter for Google Analytics events in Hotjar, for a more accurate understanding of the user experience.


The Hotjar and Google Analytics integration allows you to connect quantitative and visual data for a more in-depth understanding of user behavior. Find out what is happening in Google Analytics, understand why in Hotjar. Filter recordings and heatmaps by Google Analytics events or send Hotjar user IDs to Google Analytics, for a more accurate understanding of the user experience.

Key benefits

Discover and fix issues faster

Google Analytics tells you there is a problem, Hotjar helps you understand it. Watch recordings of how users are behaving behind a spike or drop-off in Google Analytics to spot patterns and get an in-depth understanding of an issue.

Find opportunities to optimize valuable funnels

Connect what is happening in the user journey with why by analyzing recordings and heatmaps that are filtered by events already set up in Google Analytics. See where users are getting stuck or frustrated and find opportunities to optimize their journey.

Get buy-in with confidence

Combining quantitative and visual data gives your stakeholders an easy way to understand a problem or opportunity. By having confidence in your hypothesis, you can win over stakeholders and prioritize your idea.

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