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Hotjar with WordPress

Hotjar’s plugin for WordPress lets users set up Hotjar Heatmaps, Recordings, Incoming Feedback, and Surveys on their WordPress website.

The official Hotjar plugin for WordPress

Product teams are constantly making tough decisions about how to improve the user experience. Without organized data, the product workflow can be pretty hard to keep up with—especially when your customers' wants and needs are constantly changing. 

This is where the Hotjar WordPress plugin becomes a huge asset: Hotjar's product experience insights tools help you collect customer feedback and add context to traditional analytics data, informing your product team about the why behind user behavior.

Benefits of using the Hotjar WordPress plugin on your site

Simple setup

The Hotjar WordPress plugin has a simple setup without a steep learning curve

Easy to understand

Hotjar’s product experience insights are easy to understand and share with your team

Quick insights

Hotjar lets you collect and analyze feedback from real users

Understand user behavior

Understand user behavior and learn how to improve the user experience


Safely analyze how individual users interact with and experience your site from start to finish

Peak performance

Our plugin is frequently updated so you can always experience peak performance

Fully supported

Hotjar has a support team available in case you run into any technical issues or have questions about how the plugin works

Quit playing catch-up with what users need from your website. Install Hotjar on your WordPress site to get the product experience insights you need to understand user behavior and continuously create customer delight. 

Ready to start using Hotjar? Install the plugin to your WordPress site and head over to your Hotjar dashboard to get started.

Wordpress 🤝 Hotjar

Build a website experience your users will love. Install the Hotjar plugin on your WordPress site today!

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