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Hotjar with Shopify

Using Hotjar with your Shopify store can help unlock priceless qualitative insights to help you to make lasting improvements.

How to use Hotjar with Shopify to boost conversions and improve UX

Creating a Shopify store is easy. With a few clicks of a button, you can join the ranks of millions of other businesses already using the ecommerce platform. The hard part comes with converting your store’s traffic into sales and repeat customers. 

Tools like Google Analytics can give you insights about your store's traffic—like bounce rate, exit rates, session duration, and goal conversion rates—but they do little to tell you about your users’ behavior. 

That’s where Hotjar comes in.

Hotjar complements tools like Google Analytics to give you product experience insights that help you and your team build a product your users love.

Benefits of using Hotjar with Shopify

Quick and easy set up

Add Hotjar to your Shopify site with a few clicks—no custom coding required.

Improve user interface

Discover the most and least exciting pages and elements of your ecommerce store so you can give your users more of what they love.

Valuable user insight

Identify the drivers that bring customers to your site and the hooks that get them to stay and convert.

Improve user experience

Find barrier and user experience (UX) issues that cause visitors to leave your site.

Increase conversions

Collect direct user feedback that you can use to increase conversions.

Shopify 🤝 Hotjar

Get to know your users better than ever before! Add Hotjar to your Shopify website.

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