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B2B churn survey

Find out why users are abandoning your product and start reducing your churn rate.

Churn & abandonment
Product research

Last updated

28 Jul 2023

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There’s not a single company in the world that doesn’t deal with some customer churn. Many points in the SaaS customer journey can contribute to churn—so how can you know how to reduce the number of customers abandoning your product and increase customer retention instead? Start with a survey!

A churn survey gives you a direct communication line with customers who have decided to part ways with your product or service.  

Hundreds of Hotjar customers use churn survey templates to learn more about the customer experience. One of them is Luke Calton, a Product Lead at Hussle, who says,

“We send out these surveys to every single churned user and probably get a few insights every single day.”

With Hotjar’s B2B churn survey template, Luke has figured out why thousands of customers didn’t renew their subscriptions. Each survey response tells its own story, helping Luke identify minor bugs or discover user experience (UX) or product experience (PX) problems. Luke sends out the survey at the end of the month in a simple email. It took him a few minutes to set up, but the customer feedback and insights are invaluable.

When should you use a churn survey?

You can’t assume that the reasons churned customers left in the past is what’s causing churn today, so product managers should review B2B churn surveys continuously as one of many product management tools. Your churn survey data can help you determine:

  • Why users churn (and whether that varies over time or between user segments)

  • If churned users are leaving on a positive note or after a negative experience

  • What changes you need to prioritize to improve your customer retentionmetrics

  • How you can improve your product

What’s in the churn survey template?

The B2B churn survey template is customizable, but the basic survey lets respondents choose a reason for leaving and explain what could have changed their minds. You can change the order of questions, add questions, and tweak the design.

How to use your churn survey results

When you think of each B2B churn survey response as a vote for what you need to change to improve customer satisfaction, you can prioritize updates with the biggest impact. Here are some examples of what a B2B churn survey could teach you about your product, and how you could leverage those insights:

If a user wasn’t using your product enough, you might need more in-app guidance and education. 

If a user didn’t find it easy to use, you can review recordings and heatmaps to find problem areas on each page. 

If a user said your product was too expensive, you might need to rework plans based on feature usage

If a user is switching to a different product, it might be time to run a competitive analysis

If a user no longer needs your product, conduct more research in their segment to understand how needs evolve.

Set up a churn survey in minutes

Getting started with a B2B churn survey template is fast and easy. Start by clicking the ‘Get started with this template’ link at the top of the page. 

Next, you’ll be asked to create an account and verify your email. 

After you’re verified, the survey template will be ready for you to send to customers to start collecting insights. 

However, you’ll also have the option to install the Hotjar tracking code on your site. This tracking code allows you to host the survey live on your site rather than via an external URL, which means you can place it on a particular page. The tracking code also gives you access to Hotjar’s features.

Don’t worry, installing the tracking code won’t slow your website down. And it doesn’t cost you anything (our free plans are free forever). Follow these steps to set up your full Hotjar account and install the tracking code now.


Get started with this template today.